You can’t hide from Cookiebot
If you think clearing your browser cookies is enough to prevent you from being monitored, think again. The tracking industry is always coming up with new methods, and now it’s even possible to recognise users via hidden ultrasound signals in ads and browser shadow data.

In this post:
  • Tighter privacy protection regulations
  • Monitor where your customer data ends up
  • Cookiebot listens to your website
  • Clearing cookies isn’t enough
  • Design your own cookie declaration
  • Modified redirect principles
Why choose Cookiebot?
The Internet is flooded with free cookie scripts and plug-ins that claim to make your website compliant with the cookie law. Cookiebot is inexpensive, but not free - Here's the answer to why Cookiebot is a good investment anyway.

In this post:
  • Full transparency
  • Real compliance
  • You're in control
Cookiebot the largest service, ready for new data protection rules
Cookiebot is marking a milestone of 5,000 websites and 100 million consents in connection with the launch of features that can help you comply with new data protection regulations in the EU.

In this post:
  • Cookiebot is now the leading service
  • New provision requires documentation
  • See who is tracking your visitors
  • Targeted consent to specific countries
  • New banner type, logo hiding and expanded API
Google sets industry standard on cookie consent
Google now requires full cookie compliance of all ad partners and points at Cookiebot as a solution. Meanwhile, thousands of Italian websites has taken Cookiebot in use since June, when the authorities began to enforce the Cookie Law.

In this post:
  • Google requires full cookie compliance
  • Several countries speed up on enforcement
  • Monitor your cookies with Cookiebot
  • New features in Cookiebot
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