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Hinto Cookie Compliance

In this case study, you will learn more about how Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP) works for Hinto, and how Hinto makes their clients’ websites compliant with the latest data privacy legislations.

Published September 27, 2021.

As a partner of Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP), Hinto – a leading software integrator and designer of open-source applications – provides a bullet-proof cookie scanning technology and compliance solution as the engine of their Hinto Sweet Cookie offering to clients and customers.

Hinto is a company with more than 18 years of experience as a software integrator and designer of open-source applications.

Hinto’s customers are mostly Italian and include prominent national companies like banks, energy providers and software houses operating on a global scale. For these Hinto customers, cookie compliance has become vital for their business.

Hinto uses the powerful scanning technology of Cookiebot CMP behind their Hinto Sweet Cookie compliance. Hinto Sweet Cookie provides both an easy compliance solution and tools for building trust with users, leading to better and safer customer experiences.

Partnering with Cookiebot CMP, Hinto can offer existing customers an expanded portfolio containing an industry-leading consent management platform (CMP), and attract new customers altogether.

Why did Hinto partner with Cookiebot CMP?

When asked why Hinto chose to partner with Cookiebot CMP to use its unrivaled scanning technology as the engine of their own cookie compliance solution to customers, the CEO Mauro Pugliese says that “Cookiebot CMP is the perfect tool to make our clients feel safe about their websites”.

A testimonial from Mauro Pugliese, SEO of Hinto - Cookiebot

As data privacy becomes a vital part of doing business online, Hinto wants to be able to provide easy and reliable e-privacy compliance to their clients – one that is easy to implement and automates all compliance requirements.

Users are getting increasingly concerned with online privacy, and cookie compliance is fast becoming a metric of brand reputation itself, with 80% of consumers stating that they left a brand because it was using their data without consent.

By offering the plug-and-play Cookiebot CMP solution as a reseller, Hinto is able to automate their clients’ cookie consent requirements, bringing transparency and control to an area often characterized by legal complexity and technical difficulty.

Hinto finds that a happy customer, who feels their data privacy is being respected, is more likely to return and to recommend the service to other prospective clients. When data compliance is managed automatically by Hinto Sweet Cookie, clients experience positive brand reputation and increasing trust with their end-users.

That’s why Hinto has chosen to partner with Cookiebot CMP.

Cookiebot CMP is the leading compliance solution to the world’s major data privacy laws and is built around an unrivaled scanning technology that detects 63% more cookies and similar trackers than competitors, and categorizes 81% more cookies than any other providers on the market.

As a reseller of Cookiebot CMP, Hinto is able to offer an industry-leading solution to their clients that includes everything they need to make their websites fully compliant with the world’s major data privacy legislations (like the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPABrazil’s LGPD and many more).

Join the more than 2000 Cookiebot CMP resellers in over 50 countries offering Cookiebot CMP to customers the best compliance solutions.

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How was the onboarding and implementation of Cookiebot CMP?

Cookiebot CMP is a plug-and-play solution that takes all the hard work out of getting data privacy compliance on customers’ websites, with automatic cookie detection and control, as well as automatic storage and renewal of end-user consents.

Cookiebot CMP is operational simply by adding a script at the top of the source code on your customers’ websites.

By using Cookiebot CMP as the engine of the Hinto Sweet Cookie, clients of Hinto become fully compliant with the world’s major data privacy laws, without any on-site deployment or support-heavy installation.

By providing customers with the Cookiebot CMP-based Hinto Sweet Cookie, Mauro and his team are able to tailor compliance solutions to their customers’ specific needs: offering continuous support, access to the Hinto Sweet Cookie dashboard to make the script installation easier, broad customization of the cookie banner according to their brand identity, and – if required – legal assistance.

When asked about the experience of onboarding and implementing Cookiebot CMP on clients’ websites, Mauro Pugliese says:

“We work with large companies, whose interest in compliance is tightly tied to their core business. Cookiebot CMP made their privacy and consent management easier and safer, and the constant updating of its features makes for a long lasting, reliable solution”
– Mauro Pugliese, CEO of Hinto.

In addition, Cookiebot CMP automatically geo-targets where in the world users of a website are located to make sure that your customers’ websites are always in compliance with the data privacy law specific to that region, e.g. the EU’s GDPRCalifornia’s CCPABrazil’s LGPD and South Africa’s POPIA.

In short, once Cookiebot CMP is implemented, there are no more data privacy compliance headaches for Hinto’s clients.

They can instead focus on their businesses without having to worry about compliance issues – and the bigger the customers, the higher the penalties in case of non-compliant websites, as well as the risk of negative brand reputation.

The team at Hinto says that they are very happy with the collaboration with Cookiebot CMP:

“All involved parties are always ready to offer support, share relevant information and useful material to make the most out of our partnership”
 Mauro Pugliese, CEO of Hinto.

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What are the long-term benefits for Hinto of being a Cookiebot CMP reseller?

After easily implementing the Cookiebot CMP technology with Hinto Sweet Cookie to clients and customers, Hinto found that they (and their clients as well) were satisfied with how easy and intuitive the customization process of the solution was – and the results were always in line with the client’s requests.

“We love how Cookiebot CMP offers a wide range of customization for its features while always guaranteeing the most up-to-date security systems. Our customers have a vast range of needs, and thanks to Cookiebot CMP’s flexibility, we can help them create a safe and elegant environment on their websites”
Mauro Pugliese, CEO of Hinto.

Cookie banners from Cookiebot CMP were customized to follow the client’s brand identity, especially their brand colors, to better blend into their website’s design and style. Hinto was able to offer a custom editing of the text on the consent banner as well, so that it reads way more personal and direct.

Cookieboot Pop Up Banner - Cookiebot
Standard cookie consent banner from Cookiebot CMP, able to be highly customized in both size, colors, design and position on customer websites.

New consent banners from Cookiebot CMP offer a better user experience, enhanced user consent transparency and improved conversion rates for your customers’ websites by being fully responsive and optimized for mobile use, ensuring full WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance on your website too.

As a platform that integrates seamlessly with the new Google Consent ModeCookiebot CMP helps balance full data privacy compliance with analytics and marketing solutions on Hinto’s clients’ websites – so they can protect their end-users and get vital insights into their domain’s performance.

With data harvesting becoming more and more prevalent online, data protection is gaining an increasing relevance for businesses. Mauro believes that Cookiebot CMP will manage to keep up with these rapid changes, implementing more features to adapt to the evolution of the web.

Cookiebot CMP is on a mission to help websites all over the world find a sustainable balance between data privacy and data-driven business – to foster digital economy that works for both the end-user and the company.

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Illustration of a phone - Cookiebot
Become a Cookiebot CMP reseller and offer unrivaled compliance solutions to your clients.

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As a Cookiebot CMP reseller, you will be able to offer a market leading compliance solution and offer complimentary such as implementation, customization, and support service to attract new and retain existing customers.

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