Cookiebot™ Consent Solution

Your path to effortless website privacy compliance.

Gain peace of mind. Achieve privacy compliance with an easy to use, automated and reliable consent solution for the GDPR and ePrivacy, Digital Markets Act (DMA), CCPA/CPRA and more.

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The most used website cookie consent tool for compliant use of cookies and online tracking

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Cookiebot consent solution is Google-certified for Consent Mode

Cookiebot™ is a Google-certified Consent Management Platform (CMP), fully supporting Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and Google Consent Mode v2. Starting 2024, Google has mandated the use of Consent Mode for ads personalization, remarketing and analytics in the EU/EEA and Switzerland.
Enable Consent Mode with Cookiebot cookie compliance solution to benefit from conversion and analytics modeling, and avoid losing marketing data due to rejected consent banners.

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Cookiebot consent solution is Google-certified for Consent Mode

Discover the advanced features of Cookiebot™ Premium plan

  • Multiple supported legal frameworks
  • Monthly scans
  • 47+ languages and geotargeting
  • Automated cookie declaration
  • Auto-categorization of cookies/trackers
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Google Consent Mode v2
  • IAB TCF 2.2
  • Premium customer support
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Cookiebot CMP is your solution for fast and easy compliance with ever-changing data privacy regulations. In 3 simple steps, get peace of mind and control over the data privacy compliance of your website.

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Protect your advertising revenue and unlock consent-based marketing opportunities. Boost your opt-in rates by leveraging Cookiebot CMP’s customization features to maintain access to high quality, essential marketing data.

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Create a trustworthy user experience on your website and support consumers’ increasing demands for transparency around the use of their data. Stand out among competitors and build trust to drive engagement and revenue.

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Customize your cookie consent solution


  • Get started with high quality pre-built templates
  • Adapt the cookie banner to your brand identity via HTML, CSS or JavaScript
  • Flexible banner configuration and language based on the user’s geographic location
  • Supports 47+ languages


Designed for technical and non-technical teams to save time and resources so you can focus on your business.

  • Achieve compliance in 3 easy steps
  • Easy and seamless integrations with various CMS platforms
  • Effortless blocking of cookies and trackers
  • Automated identification and categorization of cookies and trackers in use
  • Automated monthly website scans
User-friendly cookie management software
The best cookie consent management tool for regulatory compliance

  • Market-leading patented scanning technology
  • Comprehensive repository of 11,000+ described and categorized trackers
  • Supports multiple major international data privacy laws
  • Integrations with Google Tag Manager, IAB TCF 2.2, and more
  • Google-certified CMP partner and support for the latest version of Google Consent Mode


  • Supports multiple websites of any size
  • Compatible with multiple implementation methods based on your tech stack
  • Cross-domain Consent Sharing
  • Premium customer care and technical support
Global cookie consent management platform
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“I have used and referred Cookiebot CMP to my clients and attorneys for years because it’s a cost-effective tool to meet necessary privacy compliance requirements. It is easy to understand, customize, and implement.“

Rian Kinney, Esq., Founder, Kinney Firm

“The possibility of customizing the look and feel of the cookie banner is a great benefit for us, as it helps us to assist customers with their very specific and local demands. Our custom banner designs always have a focus on privacy while obtaining high opt-in percentages.”

Ed Kost, Founder, CookieInfo

“We love how Cookiebot CMP offers a wide range of customization for its features while always guaranteeing the most up-to-date security systems. Our customers have a vast range of needs, and thanks to Cookiebot CMP’s flexibility, we can help them create a safe and elegant environment on their websites”

Mauro Pugliese, CEO, Hinto

“We have never considered other competitors and consider Cookiebot CMP to be best in class.”

Will Newland, Managing Director, SoBold

“We researched all the options before landing on Cookiebot. It’s the most flexible. In just a few clicks, we can tune it to meet the needs of any of our clients. And the GTM integration is simple.”

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder / CMO, Orbit Media Studios
Kinney Firm
Orbit Media Studios

Pioneering cookie consent management since 2012, our teams continue to work hard to build the best data privacy software. Our powerful patented scanning solution detects 63% more cookies and trackers than any other solution on the market.

With the highest retention rate in the industry and an extensive network of 3,000+ partners, Cookiebot consent tool is the first choice for businesses of all sizes when it comes to easy to use, customizable and scalable data privacy and cookie compliance.

With our extensive knowledge base and our team of consent solution experts, we help you quickly navigate everything from legal complexities to advanced cookie tracking software integrations and use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to implement the Cookiebot CMP to my website?

Cookiebot CMP is designed to be easy to use for the average user and not require a lot of technical expertise. It can be implemented on your website in 3 steps after you’ve created an account.

  1. Add your website to the Cookiebot CMP Admin
  2. Customize your cookie banner settings or select from our predefined options
  3. Add the cookie banner script into your website’s code by following the easy instructions on the “Your scripts” tab

To help, we’ve prepared this Getting Started guide with detailed explanations of the setup.

You can also watch this short YouTube tutorial on how to implement Cookiebot cookie consent solution.

What information does Cookiebot CMP collect and log about the user consents?

When a website visitor (user) submits a consent from your website(s), the following data is automatically logged at Cookiebot CMP:

  • user’s IP number in anonymized form (by removing the last 16 bit of IPv4 addresses and by removing the last 96 bit of IPv6 addresses)
  • date and time of the consent
  • user agent of the user’s browser
  • URL from which the consent was submitted
  • an anonymous, random and encrypted key value
  • user’s consent state, serving as proof of consent

The key is used for proof of consent and is an option to verify the consent state stored in the user’s browser.

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