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We appreciate your interest in becoming a Cookiebot reseller!

As a reseller of Cookiebot, you will be able to offer a market leading solution to your customers. Cookiebot contains everything needed to make websites fully compliant with EU legislation (GDPR and ePR) on the use of cookies and online tracking of users. It’s fully cloud-based, easy to implement, highly scalable and easily administered from one central place in the back-end administration area. It’s peace of mind.

As a reseller of Cookiebot, you can choose from 2 models:

  1. The ’retail model’: We invoice your customers directly for the Cookiebot subscription and you receive a 40% administration fee on the subscription prices (see below for details)


  1. ‘The wholesale model’: You invoice your customers directly and receive a 20% wholesale discount on the Cookiebot subscription prices.


The choice is yours based on what fits your business model best. It’s flexible so you don’t have to stick to one model - you can choose what fits best for each of your customers. This is easily handled in the back-end administration area.

Below we have gathered some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about becoming a Reseller of Cookiebot. Please always refer to the Reseller Agreement (please send us an e-mail at reseller@cybot.com if you would like to receive it) and the Terms of Service for full legal details and terms.


Q: Which model should I choose?

A: The retail model offers you the highest possible percentage of the subscription prices – a 40% administration fee the first 3 years (and 20% after that). More money for you is good business. We send the invoice for the Cookiebot subscription directly to the customer.

However, you still remain the single-point-of-contact for the customer and you are welcome to sell your other services to the customer. You are also welcome to charge the customer for any service you provide in relation to the Cookiebot solution – for example help in setting up the Cookiebot subscription, a hotline for support questions, training of staff etc.

If it is – for some reason – very important for you to invoice your customers directly for the Cookiebot subscription, then consider the wholesale model and receive a 20% wholesale discount on the subscription prices.

Q: What do I get out of it?

A: In the retail model, the customer receives an invoice for the subscription fee of Cookiebot directly from us – prices can be seen here. For the first three (3) years that the customer uses Cookiebot, we offer you a 40% administration fee on the subscription fees paid.

After 3 years, you will receive a 20% administration fee on all subscription fees paid. In the wholesale model, you receive a 20% wholesale discount on subscription prices which will be deducted from your monthly invoice.

Q: When do I receive my administration fee or wholesale discount?

A: In the retail model, every 3 months, we settle your account. If you have a balance of €200 or more, we will transfer the administration fee to you using your IBAN. If your balance is less than €200, the transfer will be postponed until your account has reached a balance of €200 or more. It will not be postponed more than 1 year.

In the wholesale model, we send you a monthly invoice for your own and all your customers’ subscriptions. On this invoice, we deduct the 20% wholesale discount.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to get the 40% administration fee for an existing customer instead of the 20% wholesale discount?

A: In the back-end administration area, click ”Invite customer to create direct account” under a customer’s domain group configuration. This will send an e-mail to the customer with instructions on how to create a direct account. When the customer has registered the account, you will have access to the customer’s configuration from the “Customers” overview.

Q: So, how do I get started as a Cookiebot reseller?

A: We will soon make it possible to sign up online. Until then, to get started, follow these steps:

Make your cookies and online tracking GDPR compliant today

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