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Cookiebot CMP WordPress plugin enables you to achieve data privacy compliance with the GDPR/ePR, CCPA, LGPD, and more.

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Achieve data privacy compliance with relevant regulations, automatically block cookies and trackers, and empower user consent control

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Maintain compliance effortlessly with monthly cookie reports, an automated cookie declaration, and easy setup for scalable consent management

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Frequently asked questions

What are cookies?

Cookies are the most used technology for tracking website visitors. They are also used to collect and share data for additional purposes like remembering login details or shopping cart contents, displaying targeted ads on your domain, or providing data about your website’s performance with users.

Cookies fall into four use categories: necessary, preference, statistics and marketing. Only cookies strictly necessary for the basic function of your website are exempt from data privacy law requirements. All other cookies are regulated and require opt in (AKA prior consent) or opt out options, depending on where in the world your end users are located and what laws protect them.

Do I have cookies and trackers on my WordPress website?

Most websites use cookies and trackers, and WordPress sites are no exception.

You can check which cookies your WordPress website sets and whether that use is compliant with major data protection laws by running our free compliance test.

Is the Cookiebot CMP WordPress Plugin free?

Yes, the cookie consent plugin is completely free to use up to a certain number of subpages. Based on the number of subpages your website has and if you want to access premium features, your Cookiebot CMP subscription may become subject to a monthly subscription fee. Learn more and see our Plans & Pricing here.

Is the Cookiebot CMP Plugin for WordPress compatible with other plugins and themes?

Yes, the Cookiebot CMP is compatible with other plugins and themes. If another specific plugin does not support our Plugin, you can always ask the developer to add support for it.

Send an email to the plugin developer you want to support Cookiebot CMP and request it to be added. Cookiebot CMP provides a helper function to check if there is an active, working version of Cookiebot CMP on the website.

The easiest way for a developer to implement Cookiebot CMP support is to add a check where tags output to the visitor. This can be done following way:

$scriptTag = ”;
if(function_exists(‘cookiebot_active’) && cookiebot_active()) {
$scriptTag = ‘<script’.cookiebot_assist(‘statistics’).’>’;

Plugin developers can get more details in our Github repository.

Can Cookiebot CMP be implemented with other Content Management Systems (CMS)?

Yes, Cookiebot CMP can be implemented with other content management systems, like Shopify, Joomla, Wix or Drupal. You can find all our implementation guides here.

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