Cookiebot™ Partner Certification Program

Deepen your expertise and establish yourself as an authority on data privacy. Help your clients achieve compliance and build trust with their customer base.

How can I become a Certified Partner?

1. Partner with us

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2. Complete training

Complete Cookiebot CMP Essentials and pass the course exam, and you become a Certified Cookiebot CMP Professional.

3. Company certification

In order to receive Certified Partner status, you need to have at least one Certified Cookiebot CMP Professional on your team.

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Why get certified?

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Gain Knowledge

Get comprehensive data privacy education and build your knowledge from industry-leading experts at Cookiebot CMP.

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Professional Certification

Complete the online training and exam to become a Certified Cookiebot CMP Professional.

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Competitive Advantage

Gain compliance-driven insights into data privacy and digital marketing to set yourself apart as a Cookiebot CMP Certified Partner.

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Signal your expertise in Consent Management and commitment to data privacy with the Cookiebot by Usercentrics Certified Partner badge.
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Who can get certified?

The Cookiebot by Usercentrics Partner Certification is available exclusively to employees of Cookiebot Partners. After completing the training and the exam, personal certificates will be issued to certified individuals and a certification badge will be awarded to the business. We recommend that Sales Managers, Customer Success Managers, Digital Solutions/Marketing Consultants, etc. complete this certification.

How long does the certification take?

Cookiebot CMP Essentials is a 60-minute course that covers the following topics:

  • Legal background
  • What is a Consent Management Platform (CMP)?
  • Introduction to the Cookiebot CMP
  • Cookiebot CMP Reseller Program
  • Product demo
  • Cookiebot CMP Customer Support
How long is the certification valid for?

Cookiebot by Usercentrics Partner Certifications are valid for one year and require annual renewal.

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Take the next step in advancing your career and growing your business by becoming a Certified Cookiebot by Usercentrics Partner.

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