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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all websites with users from the EU. Check if your website’s use of cookies and online tracking is compliant with GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR).

See what data your website collects and shares with 3rd parties – also useful for CCPA compliance (California Consumer Privacy Act).

    Cookiebot CMP helps make your use of cookies and online tracking compliant.

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    Cookiebot CMP helps you manage cookies and trackers on your website to achieve privacy compliance

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    Cookiebot CMP’s powerful scanner checks your website monthly to identify the cookies and tracking technologies you are using. It automatically categorizes the cookies and trackers and blocks them until visitors give consent.

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    Start collecting consent on your website quickly by implementing one of our pre-built templates, Or easily design your own customer banner. Provide transparency with your users how their data is collected and for what purposes.

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    Gain peace of mind and achieve ongoing privacy compliance on your website with our cookie reports and consent dashboard. Consent is stored up to 12 months and consent logs are available for audit purposes or data subject access requests.

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    With the dynamic data privacy regulation landscape, keeping up to date with the latest legislation changes can be challenging. Cookiebot CMP helps you tackle the legal complexities in the markets where your business operates. It streamlines your website privacy compliance of your websites with automation powered by the latest tech stack.

    • State of the art scanning technology automatically detects cookies and trackers
    • International customization for languages and regulations
    • Collect valid consent by showing clear and accurate messaging
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    Improve user experience and transparency

    Create a trustworthy user experience by giving your visitors the freedom of choice and transparency on how their data is used. With multiple integration options, in minutes you can start collecting consent with little tech resource overhead.

    • Enables granular consent options to respect user choice
    • Customized branding for seamless, trustworthy user experience
    • Pre-built, user-friendly templates enable setup in minutes
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    Gain peace of mind and control over your website

    Cookiebot CMP automated processes of website scanning and cookie and tracker categorization saves you time and resources. After initial setup ongoing maintenance is minimal. With extensive documentation and our premium customer support, you have full control and support over your website’s privacy compliance.

    • Automated scanning and updates free up internal resources
    • Best-in-class customer support team for all your needs
    • User-friendly admin interface for easy changes and consent insights
    Futureproof compliance with Cookiebot CMP
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    Enabling data privacy compliance across the whole organization

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    Marketers Marketers
    Legal Experts Legal Experts

    Technical Teams

    Seamless integration and hassle-free maintenance

    Easy to implement with seamless integration into your existing tech stack. Our reliable tech and legal expertise enables you to automate privacy compliance. No disruptions or impact on your website performance.

    Seamless integration and hassle-free maintenance with Cookiebot's teams


    Trustworthy user experiences along with better data for smarter insights

    Great customer experiences require knowing your users, and for that you need high quality data. Get more data with consent and automated privacy compliance, for seamless, user-friendly marketing initiatives.

    Get more data with consent and automated privacy compliance, for seamless, user-friendly marketing initiatives | Cookiebot

    Legal Experts

    Comprehensive privacy compliance now and in the future

    The global data privacy landscape keeps evolving. Your growing business has to keep up. Gain peace of mind with comprehensive compliance geotargeted for relevant markets and regulations.

    Comprehensive privacy compliance now and in the future | Cookiebot
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