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Why choose Cookiebot CMP?

The EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA both affect how your website is allowed to handle the personal data of users.

Apr 20, 2022

Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP) launched out of Denmark in 2012 on a mission to protect privacy and make the Internet a safe and respectful environment based on transparency and consent.

Today, Cookiebot CMP is the world’s leading compliance solution built around a powerful scanning technology that automatically detects and controls all cookies and trackers on your website.

Wondering why you should choose Cookiebot CMP?

Here are five great reasons!

1. Plug and play compliance

End-user consent is a central requirement for processing personal data through cookies and trackers on your website.

You’ll need a consent management solution that enables full compliance and is quick and easy to implement.

Cookiebot CMP ensures full compliance with major data privacy laws with no on-site deployment or support-heavy installation – simply add a script at the top of your website’s source code and Cookiebot CMP is ready to go.

The Cookiebot CMP geo-targeting feature automatically detects where in the world your users are located and makes sure that you are in compliance with the data privacy law specific to that region, e.g. the EU’s GDPRCalifornia’s CCPABrazil’s LGPD and South Africa’s POPIA.

Want to be fully compliant with all major data laws without experiencing a loss of analytics and vital marketing insights on your website?

Cookiebot CMP is one of only a few platforms that integrates seamlessly with the new Google Consent Mode.

Using Google Consent Mode with Cookiebot CMP balances full compliance with analytics and marketing solutions on your website – so you can protect your end-users whilst also getting the vital insights into your domain’s performance.

3. World’s most powerful website scanner

With our patent-pending deep scanning technology, Cookiebot CMP is able to detect all cookies, trackers and trojan horses on your domain – even the ones hidden within other cookies that most other website scanners don’t find.

You can’t be 100% compliant if you don’t detect and control 100% of the cookies on your website.

Cookiebot CMP performs automated monthly scans of your website and sends you a detailed scan report by email.

By detecting all cookies and trackers, you can provide your end-user with total transparency and a real choice of consent, as required by the GDPRCCPALGPD and other major data privacy laws around the world.

Cookiebot CMP automatically blocks the activation of all cookies and trackers on your website until your end-users have provided you with their consent.

The Cookiebot CMP auto-blocking of all cookies enables true prior consent for your user (a core compliance requirement of the GDPR/ePR) without any need for you to do anything, e.g. manually marking up cookies.

Cookiebot CMP automatically handles all end-user consent through a highly customizable banner on your website’s landing page, giving end-users granular consent through four cookie categories that are easy to understand and simple to navigate, as well as opt-out banners for CCPA compliance.

5. Free and fair pricing

Cookiebot CMP is free if you have a small website (under 50 subpages).

If your website is bigger, we charge a simple subscription fee per domain, determined by the number of subpages (unique URLs),with no set up chargesno long term contracts or hidden extras, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Many free cookie blocking tools that you’ll find online cannot ensure true prior consent for users, because they don’t block all cookies and trackers to begin with.

Free cookie blocking tools are also not capable of finding all cookies on your website and do not integrate with services like Google Tag ManagerGoogle Consent ModeWordPressIAB EU TCF 2.0 and IAB CCPA Framework.

Free cookie consent tools online might make your website look compliant, e.g. by featuring a cookie banner on your landing page, but the world’s data privacy laws require something much more substantial and technically complicated than a simple banner.

It’s what’s behind the cookie banner that makes all the difference.

Cookiebot CMP is a matured and refined technological solution for meeting real compliance and end-user protection on your website.

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