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CookieInfo and Cookiebot CMP

As a partner of Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP), CookieInfo – a scale-up located in the Netherlands – provides clients with highly customizable cookie banners designed to fit each specific website and to strike a balance between GDPR compliance and high opt-in rates from end-users.

Published January 18, 2022.

In this case study, you will learn more about how CookieInfo built a business being the largest Cookiebot CMP reseller in the EU, and how they help their clients balance data privacy and data-driven business on their websites.

CookieInfo powered by Cookiebot CMP

CookieInfo is the largest partner of Cookiebot CMP in the EU and has been successful in creating a scale-up business around providing clients with customized cookie banners that fit each website seamlessly – all built around the powerful scanning technology of Cookiebot CMP.

By developing custom cookie consent banners that secure up to 95% opt-in rates and compliance with the strict cookie guidelines of the EU’s GDPR, CookieInfo supports their customers in getting the maximum benefit out of using cookies on their websites while respecting end-users’ right to data transparency and control.

“We are cookie fans. In the past years, we’ve learned about the challenges for online businesses in using cookies and respecting customer privacy at the same time, and we share this with our community and customers”
– Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo.

By optimizing the user experience of consent banners, CookieInfo helps clients build smart and local compliance solutions for each domain to ensure longer-lasting customer relations based on trust and transparency.

With a background in marketing, CookieInfo understands the business need for constant data and traffic essential for advertisement revenue and performance optimizations. Their custom cookie banner designs are all configured in line with the rules and regulations of the EU’s GDPR/ePrivacy, and customers have a variety of choices to suit their online goals.

Following trends and developments in the data privacy sphere closely, CookieInfo provides their customers with the necessary tools to be compliant with the latest changes.

Working out of the Netherlands, CookieInfo supports SMEs and corporate entities in managing their cookies and end-user consents all around Europe, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Asia.

Why did CookieInfo partner with Cookiebot CMP?

CookieInfo started working with Cookiebot CMP in early 2017 and soon grew to be its own scale-up business providing cookie consent management to clients worldwide and becoming the largest Cookiebot CMP reseller.

Being a Cookiebot CMP reseller has allowed CookieInfo to deliver marketing-based optimizations to their clients’ compliance setup with custom-designed consent banners catered to each website’s specific needs and wants, all built around the industry-leading cookie compliance technology of Cookiebot CMP to ensure proper data privacy compliance.

A testimonial from Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo - Cookiebot - Cookiebot

In a time when cookie consent is no longer just a legal requirement but has become a consumer demand with 71% of people saying they will stop doing business with a company if it shares sensitive data without their permission, CookieInfo is an important player in the emerging e-privacy industry, making data privacy compliance easier and more effortless for all parties involved – from the website owners to the end-users.

“The team behind Cookiebot CMP is a nice group of people to work with – we are in contact on daily basis and always find a listening ear for our suggestions”
– Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo.

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CookieInfo on higher opt-in rates for customers

CookieInfo’s business revolves around helping customers get data privacy compliance right on their websites without losing data and traffic that are essential to keep their online business strong.

The EU’s GDPR comes with specific requirements for websites to always obtain the prior consent from end-users before activating any cookies and trackers that process personal data. But, while respecting end-user data privacy is important, so is the use of cookies and trackers providing data that drives online businesses and their marketing operations.

CookieInfo has specialized in providing their clients with detailed customization of their website’s compliance setup to ensure end-user opt-in rates as high as 95%.

All optimizations are done within CookieInfo’s custom cookie banner designs and are aligned with GDPR/ePrivacy guidelines.

“But next to the optimized cookie banner designs, a good way to get high opt-ins on marketing cookies is to embed video social-share functionalities on your key landing pages”
– Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo.

Plus, a new generation of consent banners and a new Privacy Trigger feature from Cookiebot CMP offer better user experience, enhanced user consent transparency and improved conversion rates for your customers’ websites by being fully responsive and optimized for mobile use, ensuring full WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance on your website too

See CookieInfo’s custom banner examples

How was the onboarding and implementation of Cookiebot CMP?

Cookiebot CMP is a plug-and-play solution that automatically ensures compliance with most major data privacy laws in the world, including the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA/CPRA, Brazil’s LGPD, South Africa’s POPIA and many others.

“We feel that we could not have built something like this ourselves – it’s a solution with all the elements needed for consent management; cookie banner, cookie scanner, cookie declaration, consent logs available in multiple languages.”
– Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo.

With an unrivaled scanning technology at its core, Cookiebot CMP detects all cookies and similar tracking technologies on any website regardless of size and shape, and automatically hands over control to the end-user through highly customizable consent banners for full transparency and data privacy compliance – all implemented with just a few lines of JavaScript.

CookieInfo’s clients like the fact that implementation and maintenance is straightforward – and getting consent configured properly is important as clients are increasingly interested in balancing data privacy compliance while maximizing results for their online businesses.

“The possibility of customizing the look and feel of the cookie banner is a great benefit for us, as it helps us to assist customers with their very specific and local demands. Our custom banner designs always have a focus on privacy while obtaining high opt-in percentages. We now even have a NOYB/Schrems banner design!”
– Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo.

Screenshot of a NOYB cookie banner from by CookieInfo - Cookiebot
Example of a NOYB cookie banner customized by CookieInfo

CookieInfo also highlights the introduction of the automatic cookie-blocking feature in 2019 as a huge step in getting prior consent right on customer websites more easily and effortlessly than ever before.

Customers working with the Cookiebot CMP WordPress plugin like this feature, reports Ed Kost, and now their clients are showing greater and greater interest around implementing Cookiebot CMP with Google Tag Manager and Google Consent Mode, which gives better insights into analytics data and drivers for online campaigns.

Configuration for clients has also become easier with the GTM templates, notes founder Ed Kost, and points to CookieInfo’s large knowledge base of articles and support as a great resource for clients.

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What are the long-term benefits for CookieInfo of being a Cookiebot CMP reseller?

Being a partner of Cookiebot CMP has enabled CookieInfo to grow into new markets, serving SMEs and multinationals alike, and helping customers navigate the difficult world of cookies, trackers, end-user consent and data privacy compliance – becoming the largest Cookiebot CMP reseller in the EU.

As third-party cookies are poised to be phased out by Google in 2022, CookieInfo trusts that Cookiebot CMP is at the forefront of current and future developments in the e-privacy field.

“It’s nice to be part of an eco-system that is aware of privacy and the possibilities this has for marketeers, legal and web builders. We value the partnership – it’s fun, gives us energy and keeps us focused on helping customers.”
– Ed Kost, founder of CookieInfo.

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