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We have dramatically simplified the implementation of ‘prior consent’ on your website, so that the blocking of trackers right from the moment that the user lands on your website now has become automatic. This is a ground-breaking and unique improvement in the field of consent management. Now, actual website compliance and data protection is easy and accessible for everyone.

In our niche of the privacy sector – enabling a compliant use of cookies and tracking on websites - there has been a continued industry-wide problem: achieving real compliance and privacy protection has been a difficult task for website owners. There’s a lot of window dressing going on. Most online consent tools such as plug’n play banners do not meet all the requirements of the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive etc., and don’t effectively protect privacy. They give false security.

To reach true compliance on websites including the requirement that the consent is given before any tracking takes place, one has up until now had two options: either one that needed extensive manual on-site deployment by privacy consultants – something not everyone can afford – or software tools such as Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP) that all demanded some degree of technical expertise of the operator in order to implement.

Now, with a ground-breaking improvement in our solution, we have taken the manual out of the implementation and made cookie control automatic and ready-at-hand for everyone - from giant organizations to independent bloggers. Effortlessly and swift.

We are excited to announce this new industry benchmark in our field of expertise. It is a vital development in the movement towards a private, free future.

It’s time to take back control of your website and respect your users’ privacy!

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