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Google Consent Mode and Cookiebot give your website compliance without breaking your analytics.

Published September 3, 2020.

Today, Google launched their new Google Consent Mode - a ground-breaking new feature that makes consent the defining condition for how their services, Google Analytics and Google Ads, run.

Cookiebot is ready and fully integrated.

Get more insights and conversions in full compliance by implementing Google Consent Mode with Cookiebot now.

Cookiebot has been working since 2012 for a balanced and sustainable internet economy, in which data-driven businesses can coexist with transparency and respect for the individual user's privacy.

The new Consent Mode from Google is a landmark improvement in that direction, and we are proud and happy to have been chosen by Google as a close CMP partner.

Our integration to the Google Consent Mode works seamlessly and is fully ready to use and can be implemented to your Google Analytics and Google Ads with a few lines of code!

With a Cookiebot/Google Consent Mode integration you get...

"Finding a sustainable balance between data privacy and data-driven digital economies has been Cookiebot’s mission since 2012. Cookiebot’s integration with the Google Consent Mode marks a decisive step towards creating that balance for a safer and fairer Internet for everyone”

- CEO and Founder Daniel Johannsen

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New Google Consent Mode 

Cookiebot integrates perfectly with the new Google Consent Mode.

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