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Case Study: Up Blue achieves sky high consent rates for clients with Cookiebot CMP

Aug 17, 2023

Internet marketing specialists Up Blue are committed to the best tools, best practices, and ensuring their clients advertising success with Cookiebot CMP.

Introduction to Up Blue

Industry veterans for over a decade, Up Blue is a team of digital marketing specialists that joined the Cookiebot™ Reseller Program in 2022. They achieved their certification within a few months, and were among the earliest companies worldwide and the second in Poland to do so. 

Up Blue’s services include ad campaigns on a variety of platforms, analytics, and cookie management on their clients’ websites and online stores.

Why Up Blue chose Cookiebot™

Up Blue looked closely at a number of consent management platforms (CMP) before selecting Cookiebot™. Strategically, they continue to analyze competitors’ solutions. This provides them with information they can share with their clients, enabling them to focus on Cookiebot’s™ advantages and provide comparisons.

Adrian Nowakowski, Head of Technology at Up Blue, listed some of their main factors in choosing to partner with Cookiebot, including:

  • Easy, intuitive and clear interface in the user panel
  • Attractive price offer for clients
  • Interesting and flexible terms of cooperation in reseller models
  • Quick and accurate answers to the questions asked by the support team

Adrian also added, “If we were to choose the CMP platform again for our clients’ implementations, we would choose Cookiebot™ without a second thought!” 

That’s always great to hear.

What is working with the Cookiebot™ team like?

Adrian confirmed that, “cooperation with the Cookiebot team has always gone smoothly, and all topics raised have been completed successfully.” They also noted that Marina, their Partner Manager, has always been able to resolve questions and issues from Up Blue and their clients. When complex issues have arisen, the team has been immediately connected with the Usercentrics team for additional support to get things sorted out.

What are the most important factors for Up Blue clients with CMP implementation?

Adrian commented that by far the most common factor their clients initially focus on is the cookie banner’s appearance, including button placement with regards to consent optimization.

“Cookiebot is very flexible in this regard and allows you to customize the cookie banner at will, and most importantly, allows you to directly preview the configured banner in the user panel.”

Adrian Nowakowski, Head of Technology at Up Blue

Up Blue and their clients really appreciate the granularity of the analytics as well to assist with ongoing optimization.

“An additional advantage of choosing to configure the cookie banner with Cookiebot™ is the statistics of expressed and unexpressed cookie consents, which can represent whether the cookie banner has been properly configured in terms of UX.”

Adrian Nowakowski, Head of Technology at Up Blue

How have implementations for Cookiebot CMP worked?

Adrian noted that implementation time varies depending on the client’s platform, scripts used, etc. They have gotten implementation time for simple setups down to a few minutes, which is impressive. (Initially it was a few hours.)

Some of the Cookiebot CMP improvements that Up Blue has particularly appreciated include:

  • Google Tag Manager tag update, greatly simplifying implementations
  • Consent settings review mode added by Google, which saves a lot of implementation time used in conjunction with the Cookiebot™ tag
  • WordPress plugin that makes implementations on that platform and configurations of cookie-generating scripts simpler
  • Cookiebot’s™ partner certification for Google Consent Mode, enabling automatic integration and successful operation of Google Consent Mode on websites and apps

Adrian explained that they have a standard cookie banner setup that they start with, and then customize depending on the client’s subscription level. For example, “in the case of clients who have a Cookiebot Premium subscription, we add the client’s logo and change the color scheme under the client’s corporate identity.” Seamless branding on client properties is good for user experience and helps build trust. 

Once the cookie banner is active and there is data to analyze, “we optimize the banner in terms of UX and UI, as well as to get the highest percentage of the number of conversions while maintaining all user privacy standards.”

Adrian noted that they have worked on optimization of opt-in rates for clients since day one of the partnership. Some statistics for one example client domain include a 98% acceptance rate over an initial 10-day period measured after implementation. Months later, and with double the user interactions, the acceptance rate continued to be 98%.

For the same domain analysis, they achieved the following impressive acceptance rates for ~52,000 interactions:

  • Preferential cookies – 99.99%
  • Statistics cookies – 99.97%
  • Marketing cookies – 99.96%

For the second example domain, there was an acceptance rate of 97% over an initial 8-day period measured after implementation. Months later, with nearly an order of magnitude more interactions, the acceptance rate was still 97%.

For the second domain analysis, they achieved the following also impressive acceptance rates for ~22,000 interactions:

  • Preferential cookies – 99.99%
  • Statistics cookies – 99.98%
  • Marketing cookies – 99.97%

What are the main benefits of Cookiebot CMP for Up Blue’s clients?

Adrian noted that Cookiebot CMP brings security and peace of mind to their clients.

“Thanks to implementations using Cookiebot, our clients have avoided fines under the GDPR and avoided the blocking of Google Ads accounts.” 

Adrian Nowakowski, Head of Technology at Up Blue

Up Blue has had a number of clients that received warnings and that were at risk of being blocked by Google Ads. The team has always managed to implement the CMP within the compliance deadline timeframe, e.g. three weeks, to get their accounts back in good standing, and, importantly, earning revenue.

Which Cookiebot CMP features do Up Blue and clients find the most useful?

Adrian provided a great list of a few of their favorite features:

Google Consent Mode – after meeting the relevant requirements, the customer will not lose statistics coming from the website or mobile application

Flexible customizability – we can customize the banner according to the customer’s needs, taking into account their logo or corporate identity, and configure the banner in terms of correct user experience and user interface

Automatic detection of cookies – as well as descriptions and categorization of them, which does 50% of the manual work for implementation specialists and helps ensure implementations are done on time for clients with deadlines.

What is the value of the Up Blue and Cookiebot™ partnership?

Adrian noted that different partnership models have been beneficial to the team in different scenarios. For example, while they continue with the Retail model for many clients, which they noted has “incomparably attractive” terms, they are also using the Wholesale model with a client, and the team and partnerships will continue to evolve. 

Adrian even provided a well thought out suggestion for improving the Wholesale model. We will keep that to ourselves for the moment, but who knows, you may see its launch mentioned in a future monthly newsletter.

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