Cookiebot vs. Cookie Information: Consent Management Platform Comparison

Which consent management platform is right for you?

Can’t decide which platform is best for achieving compliance with the Google EU data privacy policy and the evolving data privacy regulations? Check the following article and find out whether Cookiebot CMP or Cookie Information suit your needs better.

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What does Cookiebot CMP offer?

Cookiebot CMP offers a comprehensive solution, with advanced functionality that includes consent management, automatic cookie blocking, and detailed consent reporting. Cookiebot CMP is a Google-certified CMP for a variety of regulations worldwide, and with popular integrations with third-party platforms and tools, enhancing its versatility for businesses with complex compliance needs and empowering marketing teams to focus on collecting data insights to drive core objectives while maintaining a smooth and legally compliant customer experience.

Cookie Information is a comprehensive CMP that focuses mainly on simplifying obtaining and managing cookie consent with a user-friendly interface and full customization options. Like the Cookiebot CMP, they are certified by Google and offer customization options, analytics, and a variety of regulation support that could fit your businesses needs.

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Regulatory coverage in Cookiebot CMP vs. Cookie Information

Both Cookiebot™ and Cookie Information enable GDPR and CCPA/CPRA compliance. Only Cookiebot™ covers additional regulations: VCDPA, LGPD, and POPIA in both their Free and Premium plans. The Cookiebot™ value of compliance with numerous regulations worldwide ensures comprehensive compliance across jurisdictions, reducing administrative burden and enhancing trust. This together with their geotargeting feature allows businesses to localize the user’s consent experience and helps them to achieve regulatory compliance. Whether you are tech savvy website manager or a non-technical digital marketeer, with Cookiebot CMP legislation pre-sets, you can design a consent banner that is inline with the regulations requirements.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
GDPR Limited Limited
CCPA/CPRA Limited Limited
VCDPA Limited Limited
LGPD Limited Limited
POPIA Limited Limited
DMA Limited Limited
Google EU user consent policy Limited Limited
IAB TCF v2.2 Limited Limited

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Core functionality in Cookiebot CMP vs. Cookie Information

Both platforms provide core features like cookie and tracker management, compliance oversight, and automated blocking. Cookiebot CMP additionally supports geotargeting. The Cookiebot™ solution offers a wide variety of core functionalities, enabling growing businesses to effortlessly manage the complexities of cookie consent and data protection, ensuring compliance while maintaining a smooth user experience. Cookie Information also brings core features like auto scanning and cross-domain consent sharing, but lacks geotargeting functionalities.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
Automated monthly scanning LimitedAll Premium Plans LimitedAll Plans
Auto-blocking LimitedAll Premiu Plans LimitedAll Plans
Cookie and tracker auto-detection and management Limited Limited
Consent storage in the EU/EEA Limited Limited
Geotargeting Limited Limited
Cookie Declaration Limited Limited
Cross-Domain Consent Sharing LimitedAll premium Plans LimitedOnly on Plus Plan
Google EU user consent policy Limited Limited

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Customization in Cookiebot CMP vs. Cookie Information

Both platforms include banner customization and offer different templates that can be used, as well as further customization possibilities with CSS. With Cookiebot™ you can also add the company logo and preferred fonts for further customization. Both CMP providers offer multi-language support and auto-translation, though Cookiebot™ includes support for more languages.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
Banner customization Limited Limited
Pre-built templates Limited Limited
Custom CSS Limited Limited
Multi-language support Limited47+ languages Limited44 languages
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Integrations and WordPress in Cookiebot CMP vs. Cookie Information

Both platforms enable integrations with popular CSM such as WordPress and offer support for tools such as Google Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager.

Both CMPs offer WordPress plugins for cookie consent management integration, though Cookiebot™ has over 30,000 active WordPress installations and a 4.5-star rating based on 369 reviews, outranking Cookie Information’s plugin, which has around 10,000 installations, and a 4.5-star rating based on a more limited 13 reviews.

Cookiebot CMP is a scalable platform that is compatible with multiple implementation methods based on your tech stack. Whether you use WordPress, Wix, Hubspot, Drupal or Magento, you can find detailed instructions in the installation guides.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
Google Consent Mode Limited Limited
Google Tag Manager Limited Limited
WordPress Plugin Limited4.5 out of 5 stars – 30,000 installations Limited4.5 out of 5 stars – 10,000 installations
IAB TCF v2.2 pre-built banner Limited Limited
Global Privacy Control Limited Limited
CMS Platform Integrations View integrations View integrations

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Analytics and reporting in Cookiebot CMP vs. Cookie Information

Both platforms provide analytics and reporting tools, including an analytics dashboard, reporting and CSV exports. Cookie Information offers more comprehensive analytics and reporting, with an analytics dashboarding with Piwiki Pro integration.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
Analytics Dashboard Limited Limitedwith Piwik Pro integration
Reporting Limited Limited
CSV exports Limited Limited

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Certificates and Patents in Cookiebot vs. Cookie Information

While both Cookiebot™ and Cookie Information are Google-certified and IAB registered CMPs, the CookiebotTM patented scanning helps to automatically find and control cookies and trackers being used on your website, which supports that your data usage aligns with transparency and user consent requirements.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
Google-certified CMP Limited Limited
Patented scanning technology Limited Limited
IAB Registered CMP Limited Limited

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Pricing in Cookiebot CMP vs. Cookie Information

Both platforms offer a free trial and smaller free plan, as well as multiple customer support options. The Cookiebot™ pricing for paid plans has clear tiers based on the number of subpages. Pricing plans with Cookie Information are based on subpages as well as on the number of consents collected, which can fluctuate, affecting pricing.

With the Premium Lite package for websites with fewer than 50 subpages, Cookiebot CMP offers an attractive pricing of €7, providing businesses with a comprehensive cookie consent solution within their budget. Cookie Information’s solution starts at 15€/month, not including some valuable features such as consent rate insights and the monitorization of non-EU data transfers.

Cookiebot CMP Cookie Information
Free version Limited1 domain and 50 subpages Limited
Free trial Limited14-day Limited30-day
Paid plans Starting from €7 per month/per domain Starting from €15 per month/per domain
Customer support LimitedEmail and AI-powered chat LimitedTicket and phone support Account manager for extra in Enterprise plans

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Cookiebot™ and Cookie Information are both consent management platforms, though Cookiebot™ offers a wide range of regulation support and additional core functionalities to all its plans, like geotargeting. While both offer customizations, Cookiebot™ supports more languages and boasts higher downloads for its popular WordPress plugin. Both products offer analytics, while the Cookiebot™ platform offers a best-in-class patented scanning technology.

We hope this article comparing the Cookiebot™ and Cookie Information CMPs was informative in helping you to decide which platform would best support your consent management needs. What sets Cookiebot™ apart is its ability to scale with the evolving needs of businesses, providing tailored solutions that grow alongside their operations.

With Cookiebot™, a Google-certified CMP with patented scanning technology, and popular integration capabilities like its very popular WordPress plug-in, businesses can confidently manage their cookie consent and data protection requirements and focus on their core objectives without compromising on compliance. This makes Cookiebot™ a good choice for growing organizations seeking a comprehensive and future-proof solution to their data privacy needs.

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