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Cookie Law
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Cookiebot is the complete cookie compliance solution for website owners in the EU: Cost-effective, easy to implement, fully automated and user friendly. Whether you operate a single website or a large number of sites in multiple locations and different languages, Cookiebot scales with your needs.

Our automated cookie scanner continuously monitors your website to discover and declare all types of cookies in a detailed cookie report which provides clear and comprehensive information about the cookies you use. Embed the report into your website and existing design with just one line of code to comply with the information requirements of the Cookie Law.

With Cookiebot's state-of-the-art consent mechanism your website visitors need only to submit one consent once a year. This enables you to comply with the consent requirements of the Cookie Law while minimizing impact on the general usability of your website.

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Why pay when other cookie scripts are free?
Cookiebot is fully compliant with the Cookie Law - most free scripts aren't, even if they tell you so. Typically they do not support the mandatory prior consent.
Cookiebot continuously monitors your website for cookies - free scripts don't: You have to identify, monitor and describe your cookie usage manually on an ongoing basis.
Cookiebot is feature rich which ensures a high level of efficiency, reliability and usability through e.g. reporting, multi-domain bulk consent, support of multiple languages and international accessibility standards.
Cookiebot was born in the cloud to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. The savings are passed on to you. Let Cookiebot do the job from only € 59 per year.

What does the law require of you?

  • Provide clear and specific information on your cookies
  • Ask your users for consent before storing cookies
  • Give your users an option to opt-out of cookies
  • Provide an option to subsequently change a choice
The EU ePrivacy Directive imposes an obligation on website owners in the European Union to obtain informed consent from the user before storing other than strictly necessary cookies in the user's web browser.

In October 2013 the EU Member States issued a common guide on obtaining consent for cookies.
Customer stories
Central solution for 20 websites
UCL is a university college with more than 700 employees and 26,000 students. UCL operates a total of 20 websites targeted the individual educations and has implemented Cookiebot on all sites.

»UCL has chosen Cookiebot as it handles user consents for all sites in one solution. It provides a minimum of inconvenience to our website users and makes it simple and time-saving for UCL to handle the solution.

In addition Cookiebot continuously detects and declares new cookies on the respective websites so that everything runs fully automated and in compliance with the EU Cookie Directive. UCL has experienced Cookiebot as a service minded and very professional supplier within a complex area.

Communications Consultant Lotte Kjeldager Sørensen, UCL
Easy solution for small business
Cornish Quay Holidays is a family business offering holiday cottages around Cornwall in the southernmost part of the UK. A great part of the rentals are arranged via the company's website where the business owner has implemented Cookiebot on his own.

»I am so pleased I found your Cookiebot system. As a small business owner, the cookie law has caused me a lot of stress since it came into force and your solution works so well and is easy for a self-taught webmaster like myself to implement.
Director Jim Ransley, Cornish Quay Holidays Ltd