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Deliver automated cookie compliance at scale

Why take part in Cookiebot™ for Partners program?

With the rapid expansion of data privacy laws around the world, and the growing demand from website users for control over how their data is used, don’t leave your customers exposed - solve the compliance challenge for them.

With Cookiebot™ for Partners, you can inject consent banners and cookie control on thousands of websites at once for automated, fully scalable cookie-compliance. With this partnership you would minimize the risks of data privacy violations, fines and associated brand impact for your customers.

Who is this partnership for?

Does your business operate at least 5,000 websites on behalf of customers and do these websites feature services that set cookies or similar trackers? Then Cookiebot™ for Partners is for you.

Examples of businesses on the Cookiebot™ for Partners program:

Benefits of partnering with us:

Interested in learning more?

Contact us at partner@cookiebot.com to learn more and take part in Cookiebot™ for Partners.

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Deliver automated cookie compliance at scale with Cookiebot™ for Partners.

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