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This is a demo of the Cookiebot Manager where you can configure your own cookie declaration and consent dialog. Click the 'preview' icons on the left to see how the declaration and dialog looks in your own configuration.
Enter the text that will be presented to your website users. The same text is used in both the cookie declaration and the consent dialog. Change the default text to your own wording/language. In the body text you must describe the general purpose(s) of your cookie usage. Keep the text short, precise and appealing.

If you use implied consent with the consent dialog, you must mention that a continued usage of your website (without answering the consent dialog) is the same as consenting.

Enable automatic language detection to show the consent dialog in the website user's preferred language. If you haven't created a language variant that matches the user's preferred language, the default language variant will be shown.
Dialog Template
Select your preferred settings for the dialog shown to your users. Select a mode and theme that creates a contrast to your website background colour.
The consent method 'Implied opt-in' means that website users ignoring the consent dialog automatically consents to all your cookies by continued use of your website.
Dialog logo
Display your own logo on the consent dialog by dragging your image file onto the shaded area below or by selecting a file to upload.

Dialog Distribution
By enabling this option the consent dialog will only be shown to visitors whose IP is detected to be in one of the EU member states.
Add the domain name(s) where you want to use Cookiebot - including any sub-domains. Domains in this list will be scanned by the Cookiebot. You can only authorize fully qualified domain names and not wildcard domains like *.mydomain.com as the user's consent must be domain specific.
Primary domain name
Scan type
Scan type characteristics:
Full scan: Complete scan of your website once a month. Recommended for large sites with frequent content updates and heavy cookie usage.
Incremental scan: Annual complete scan of your entire website + monthly accumulative scans of up to 1,000 sub pages. Recommended for most sites.
Capped scan: Annual scan of up to 7,500 pages + monthly accumulative scans of up to 1,000 sub pages. Recommended for online stores.

If you have multiple domain names pointing at the same website (eg. 'www.mywebsite.com' and 'mywebsite.com'), add one of the domain names as a primary domain above (eg. 'www.mywebsite.com') and the other as a domain alias below (eg. 'mywebsite.com'). The consent dialog will appear only on domains that are registered as either primary domain or domain alias. Domain aliases are not scanned for cookies.
Domain alias
Domain mapping

Enable bulk consent if you own more than one website and want to make the user's single consent applicable for all domains. Website users must allow third party cookies to enable bulk consent.
Your Cookiebot scripts
Insert the script below on the web page where you want to show your cookie declaration. Make sure to add your website domain(s) to the domain list above first or the declaration will not show on your website:

Copy the script below into the html header of your website templates to enable the consent dialog:

Learn how to implement the scripts in your website in the tutorial.
Cookie Declaration preview
The final declaration will be shown as embedded content in your own website. The content is automatically formatted with your website's overall style sheet definitions (CSS), including fonts and colors.
Please note: The demo scripts above will not work on your website.
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