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Simplify cookie compliance with powerful features

Our CMP’s features help you to collect, signal and store user consents and enable compliance with data privacy laws like the GDPR, Digital Markets Act (DMA), CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, POPIA and more.

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The most used solution for compliant use of cookies and online tracking

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Cookiebot CMP enables you to fully customize the design, content and placement of the banner to increase opt-in rates and user trust to improve user experience.

  • Obtain user consents for international data privacy regulations with a compliant banner displayed on your website
  • Customize your consent banner’s appearance, placement, and content to align with your messaging and brand
  • Geotarget the consent banner in real-time for visitors from relevant privacy-regulated countries and regions
  • Auto-translate your consent banner in 47+ available languages
Cookiebot features - Fully customized design, content and placement of the banner
Cookiebot features - Best-in-class cookie scanning technology

Our patented, best-in-class cookie scanning technology is the foundation of our automated features that ensure easy implementation and the ability to quickly achieve compliance.

  • Detect cookies and trackers in use on your website with our automated cookie scan
  • Schedule on-demand cookie scanning to regularly update all the cookie and trackers shown in your cookie banner and declaration
  • Sign-up for a monthly email scan report to stay up to date with changes to tracking services and more — don’t risk fines or consumer complaints

Cookiebot CMP maintains a comprehensive global cookie repository with purpose descriptions of known third-party cookies and tracking services.

  • Reduce legal resource needs with our frequently updated cookie repository of over 13,000 entries
  • Change any applied description and set purpose descriptions on the local repository to accomodate your needs
  • Categorize cookies and trackers automatically based on cookie scan results and information in our cookie repository
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Cookiebot features - automated cookie declaration can be easily implemented as part of your privacy policy

Our automated cookie declaration can be easily implemented as part of your privacy policy.

  • Save time and resources by using our cookie declaration with descriptions on every cookie and tracker in use on your website
  • Display the user’s current consent state within the declaration
  • Enable users to change or withdraw consent any time as required by many international data privacy laws

Effortless blocking and signaling

Save time, effort and resources implementing Cookiebot CMP with easy blocking and automatic signaling.

  • Automatically detect all cookies and trackers and employ various blocking methods until explicit user consent is obtained.
  • Support the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal for users who want a comprehensive option that broadly signals the consumer’s opt-out request.
  • Out of the box support for Google Consent Mode to automatically modify how Google tags function based on explicit user consent decisions.
Cookiebot features - Save time, effort and resources implementing Cookiebot CMP with auto-blocking
Cookiebot features - Secure consent storage

Securely storing consent information is an important part of data privacy compliance, and we take care of it for you.

  • Store individual user consent choices and manage and update consent records effortlessly
  • Collect consents automatically through a secured SSL connection and store the data with a strong key encryption
  • Export stored consent information securely and easily to demonstrate compliance to authorities

Easy and flexible integrations

In addition to easy integration of the CMP itself, we also enable flexible integrations with other systems and trusted partnerships

  • Google-certified CMP for publishers that includes support for Google’s Additional Consent Mode and IAB TCF v2.2 framework integration
  • Integrate seamlessly with Google Tag Manager and a wide range of CMS platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Drupal, and many more
  • Enable privacy compliance on WordPress sites with the WordPress plugin
  • Support W3C’s accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA for users of assistive software like screen readers
Cookiebot features - flexible integrations with other systems and trusted partnerships
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