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What other resellers say about us

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“Thanks to implementations using Cookiebot, our clients have avoided fines under the GDPR and avoided the blocking of Google Ads accounts.” 

Adrian Nowakowski, Analysis & UX Specialist, Up Blue

“The possibility of customizing the look and feel of the cookie banner is a great benefit for us, as it helps us to assist customers with their very specific and local demands. Our custom banner designs always have a focus on privacy while obtaining high opt-in percentages.”

Ed Kost, Founder, CookieInfo

“We love how Cookiebot CMP offers a wide range of customization for its features while always guaranteeing the most up-to-date security systems. Our customers have a vast range of needs, and thanks to Cookiebot CMP’s flexibility, we can help them create a safe and elegant environment on their websites”

Mauro Pugliese, CEO, Hinto

“We have never considered other competitors and consider Cookiebot CMP to be best in class.”

Will Newland, Managing Director, SoBold

“We researched all the options before landing on Cookiebot. It’s the most flexible. In just a few clicks, we can tune it to meet the needs of any of our clients. And the GTM integration is simple.”

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder / CMO, Orbit Media Studios
Up Blue
Orbit Media Studios

Why choose Cookiebot CMP?

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Automated and reliable Consent Management Solution

Pioneering cookie consent management since 2012, our teams continue to work hard to build the best data privacy software. Powered by the latest state of the art technology and legal expertise, Cookiebot CMP delivers an automated, customizable and reliable consent solution for technical and non-technical teams.

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Loved by Customers and Partners

With the highest retention rate in the industry and an extensive network of 3,000+ partners, Cookiebot CMP is the first choice for businesses of all sizes when it comes to easy to use, customizable and scalable data privacy compliance.

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Best-in-class partner and customer support

Our team of experts will help you quickly navigate everything from legal complexities to advanced technical integrations and use cases. With our extensive library of support articles dedicated to our reseller program, we offer Premium and Platinum partners priority support.

Achieve compliance with the GDPR, ePrivacy and Digital Markets Act | Cookiebot CMP

Cookiebot CMP is your solution to achieve fast, easy and automated compliance with the latest European regulations. In 3 simple steps, get peace of mind and ensure there’s no disruption to your business.

Collect and signal consent-based data with Cookiebot CMP

Protect your advertising revenue and unlock consent-based marketing opportunities. Improve your opt-in rates by leveraging Cookiebot CMP’s seamless integration with Google and customization features to maintain access to high quality, essential marketing data.

Build user trust with Cookiebot CMP

Create a trustworthy user experience for your website visitors while maintaining design control. Stand out among competitors and build trust to drive engagement and revenue.

Showcase your Consent Management expertise and commitment to data privacy with the Cookiebot CMP Partner badge.
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