Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Which consent management platform is the best option for you?

Selecting the best platform for obtaining and signaling user consent to comply with various data privacy regulations and Google’s EU user consent policy is a complex challenge. In this comparison, we support you in making an informed decision between the Cookiebot CMP and iubenda consent management platforms.

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What does Cookiebot CMP offer?

Cookiebot™ provides a straightforward plug-and-play solution suitable for growing businesses of any size, featuring automatic cookie categorization and blocking. It offers a fully tailored banner experience for visitors across diverse markets in over 47 languages. Additionally, Cookiebot™ boasts great customer support. As a Google-certified CMP, you get extensive integrations with third-party platforms and tools, making it highly adaptable for businesses with intricate compliance requirements. This enables marketing teams to gather data-driven insights to fulfill their objectives while maintaining a legally compliant and user-friendly customer experience.

What does iubenda offer?

iubenda provides a broad range of compliance solutions, including a privacy and cookie policy generator. iubenda’s tools include generating customizable privacy policies, cookie consent banners, terms and conditions, and other legal documents tailored to various jurisdictions and business types. They advertise providing “attorney-level solutions” and aim to provide a 360-degree solution with a focus on GDPR, CCPA and LGPD regulatory compliance.

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Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda comparison

Regulatory coverage in Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Both Cookiebot™ and iubenda support compliance with the GDPR and CCPA/CPRA regulations. However, only Cookiebot™ extends its coverage to include South Africa’s POPIA. The Cookiebot™ commitment to enabling compliance with numerous global regulations ensures data privacy coverage across regions and jurisdictions. Cookiebot™ also enables continuous adaptation as new laws are passed and existing ones evolve, saving your time and resources while safeguarding your privacy compliance strategies for the future.

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
GDPR Limited Limited
CCPA/CPRA Limited Limited
VCDPA Limited Limited
POPIA Limited Limited
DMA Limited Limited
IAB TCF v2.2 LimitedAll Premium Plans Limited
Google EU user consent policy Limited Limited

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Core functionality in Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Both platforms offer robust core functionality, such as cookie and tracker management, compliance management, and auto-blocking. However, Cookiebot™ distinguishes itself by providing geotargeting with all premium packages, whereas iubenda includes this feature only in their Advanced and Ultimate plans. Cookiebot™ provides an extensive range of core features, including geotargeting and patented scanning. Businesses can easily navigate the complexities of cookie consent and data protection, achieving and maintaining privacy compliance while delivering a user-friendly experience.

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
Automated monthly scan Limited Limited
Auto-blocking Limited Limited
Cookie and tracker auto-detection and management Limited Limited
Consent data storage in the EU/EEA Limited Limited
Geotargeting Limited LimitedAdvanced and Ultimate plans only
Cookie Declaration Limited Limited
Cross-Domain Consent Sharing Limited Limited

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Customization in Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Both platforms include a variety of options, such as banner customization, templates, CSS customization, and multi-language support. iubenda also only provides unbranded or whitelabel options with its most expensive plan. Additionally, Cookiebot™ supports many more languages (47+).

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
Banner customization Limited Limited
Pre-built templates Limited Limited
Template customization LimitedAll Premium Plans LimitedAdvanced and Ultimate plans only
Custom CSS Limited Limited
Custom branding Limited Limited
Multi-language support Limited47+ languages Limited11 languages
IAB TCF v2.2 pre-built banner Limited Limited
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Integrations and WordPress in Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Both Cookiebot™ vs. iubenda enable integrations with popular tools and platforms, like Google Consent Mode, Google Tag Manager and WordPress. Both companies offer free and highly rated WordPress plugins.

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
Google Consent Mode Limited Limited
Google Tag Manager Limited Limited
WordPress Plugin Limited4.5 out of 5 stars Limited4.7 out of 5 stars
IAB TCF v2.2 pre-built banner Limited Limited
Global Privacy Control Limited Limited
CMS Platform Integrations View integrations View integrations

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Analytics and reporting in Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Both platforms provide an analytics dashboard to support you in learning about user interactions and analyzing your data to develop valuable business insights.

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
Analytics Dashboard Limited Limited
Reporting Limited Limited
CSV exports Limited Limited

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Certifications and patents in Cookiebot vs. iubenda

While both iubenda and CookiebotTM are Google-certified and IAB-registered CMPs, the patented scanning Cookiebot™ provides sets it apart as a strong choice to deliver confidence in your privacy compliance strategy. Cookiebot CMP’s patented scanning technology is an advanced feature automatically identifies and manages all cookies and trackers operating on your website, helping to ensure that data usage adheres to transparency and user consent requirements.

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
Google-certified CMP Limited Limited
Patented scanning technology Limited Limited
IAB Registered CMP Limited Limited

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Pricing in Cookiebot CMP vs. iubenda

Of the two platforms, iubenda might appear cheaper at first glance, but there are some important factors to consider that may increase the total price of iubenda’s solution. All of the Cookiebot™ Premium Plans include all features necessary for comprehensive cookie consent management.

With iubenda you need to subscribe to their most expensive plan to get features like geolocation, access to the unbranded or whitelabel solution, and use of unlimited third-party services and clauses. With iubenda, storing proof of consent is an extra monthly cost ($6/month per 1000 new consents saved) and they have an Extra Usage fee that applies to the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solutions. Cookiebot™ offers a free plan and free trial to test out their solution.

Cookiebot CMP iubenda
Free version Limited1 domain and 50 subpages LimitedSee limitations
Free trial Limited Limited
Customer support LimitedEmail and AI-powered chat LimitedEmail and live chat
Help center with articles Limited LimitedCommunity forum

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Cookiebot vs. iubenda key takeaways

Cookiebot™ and iubenda are both consent management platforms with a variety of features and plans to consider. While iubenda offers a suite of different compliance solutions for regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA/CCPRA and LGPD, Cookiebot™ extends its regulatory support even further. When it comes to the core functionality of each CMP, Cookiebot CMP offers certain features with all its plans, like geotargeting, unbranded/whitelabeling, and availability of unlimited third-party services and clauses. Cookiebot™ also supports more languages and provides powerful patented scanning technology.

Can Cookiebot™ be an alternative to iubenda?

Cookiebot™ is a strong alternative to iubenda for your consent management needs. What sets Cookiebot™ apart is its ability to scale with the evolving needs of businesses, providing reliable and tailored solutions that grow alongside your operations.

Cookiebot™ has straightforward pricing and plan options, with a wide variety of valuable features and functionality available with all of its plans. Cookiebot™ is a Google-certified CMP with patented scanning technology. The CMP enables businesses to confidently manage their cookie consent and data protection requirements while staying focused on their core objectives without compromising on privacy compliance. This makes Cookiebot™ the preferred choice for growing organizations seeking a comprehensive and future-proof solution to their data privacy needs.

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