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    Your website runs on data from cookies and online tracking, like most of the Internet.
    Do you know if your website cookie use is privacy-compliant? Use Cookiebot’s™ advanced cookie checker
    to audit your website’s cookie use and help ensure compliance with data privacy laws. 
    Cookies are widely used to track and collect data about website visitors and their activities,
    but cookies can also pose privacy risks. Data privacy laws in many countries require websites to obtain
    user consent prior to activating cookies and provide transparency about their use.

    How to setup Cookiebot CMP - step 1


    Enter your website’s URL into the cookie checker tool.

    How to setup Cookiebot CMP - step 2


    The tool scans your website and detects all cookies and tracking technologies in use.

    How to setup Cookiebot CMP - step 3


    The tool categorizes the cookies based on their purpose, provider, and data collection.



    Done! The detailed cookie audit report is generated and emailed to you, listing the cookies in use on your website and its level of privacy compliance risk

      Personalize your consent banner to provide trustworthy user experiences and maintain design control with Cookiebot CMP
      • Instant scan and audit: Get a comprehensive report in less than 2 minutes.
      • Detailed information: Know the purpose, provider, and data collected by each cookie or tracker in use.
      • Automatic categorization: Cookies are classified into categories like necessary, functional, analytics, performance, and advertisement.
      • Global regulatory compliance: Help ensure compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws.
      • Cloud-based solution: Quick and easy implementation without technical expertise required.

      What are the benefits of using a cookie audit tool to check cookies on your website?

      • Transparency: Gain full transparency into the cookies and trackers in use on your website.
      • Compliance: Meet the requirements of data privacy laws in various countries.
      • User control: Provide users with consent choices and control over their cookie preferences.
      • Trust and reputation: Build trust with your website visitors by providing clear information and prioritizing their data privacy.
      • Data-driven insights: Achieve data privacy compliance while also gaining valuable insights into visitor behavior and your website’s performance.
      A CMP designed for technical and non-technical teams with automated and scalable processes | Cookiebot
      What are website cookies?

      Cookies are units of data in the form of small text files set by third-party services used on your website for different purposes. These include storing login details, tracking user behavior, and enabling personalized experiences. Initially designed to function as a form of “recall” for a website, website cookies have become the supply chains of the internet economy. They harvest vast amounts of data from end users that, among many other purposes, can be grouped, profiled, and sold in real-time bidding auctions for targeted advertisements online.

      How do cookies track user data and behavior?

      Cookies can collect and share end-user data that falls under legal definitions of personal data/personal information, including search and browser history, IP addresses, website tracking information, user behavior on a website, device data, shopping history, and much more.

      Cookies track user behavior by storing information about their interactions with a website, including what actions they take, what pages they view, and how much time they spend. This data is then used to provide personalized content, analyze website performance, and deliver targeted advertisements.

      Why check cookies on a website?

      Checking cookies on a website is essential to help achieve compliance with data privacy laws around the world (EU, UK, Brazil, South Africa and many others). Your website could also be using hidden cookies beyond your immediate detection.

      Why use Cookiebot CMP’s cookies checker?

      Cookiebot CMP’s cookie checker offers advanced scanning capabilities, automatic categorization, and helps enable compliance with global data privacy regulations with Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP). The cookie audit report provides a comprehensive foundation for cookie transparency and control.

      What are the requirements for GDPR and CCPA-compliant use of cookies?

      To comply with the GDPR and CCPA, websites must disclose details about the cookies used, obtain user consent, and enable users to opt out of non-necessary cookies. This can be done using a cookie text, cookie policy and/or a cookie banner. Cookiebot CMP helps websites meet these requirements.

      How to analyze if a website is GDPR-compliant?

      To analyze and help determine if a website is GDPR-compliant, you can use a cookie and website tracker scanner like Cookiebot CMP’s cookie scanner for detailed cookie compliance checks.

      My website uses cookies. What do I need to do next?

      To stay compliant with the cookie use requirements of regulations, use Cookiebot Consent Management Platform (CMP) or Cookiebot’s™ cookies WordPress plugin.

      1. Install the Cookiebot CMP or plugin: Set up Cookiebot CMP on your website or install the WordPress plugin on your WordPress site.
      2. Configure settings: Customize your consent banner to match your design, and your cookie policy to notify users about your website’s use of cookies.
      3. Obtain consent: Display the consent banner to website visitors and obtain their consent before any cookies are activated.
      4. Manage consents: Keep track of user consents and provide an easy way for users to change their preferences.

      Get started now. Start your 14-day free trial of Cookiebot CMP or get the free Cookiebot™ WordPress plugin.

      Are cookies still relevant?

      Yes, despite the shift towards a cookieless future online, cookies — especially first-party cookies — remain relevant. They are important for website functionality and user experience. As part of Usercentrics, Cookiebot™ is also involved in exploring privacy-conscious alternatives to third-party cookies for tracking and ad targeting. Adapting to these changes is crucial for privacy compliance, monetization strategies, and maintaining user trust.

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